Pizzetkas EN

" W E L C O M E    F E M I N I T Y "

   Skirts supporting womanhood, delicacy, gentleness and strenght.

   To develop and returns:  "I was born in woman´s body in it I feel delightfully.”


How were they born?  

I was brought to a cutting table...my hands started to cut fabric on their own...

...to combine materials and first designs were created...at 12.12.2012.

And that is how Pizzetkas were born.

I was being prepared for this work for a long time, through many steps and my personal transformation.
Many steps and many years of personal transformational work had to be done,
when my personality was smoothened and my mind calmed.
So that a „miraculously-ordinary“ could have been brought to earth.
I feel very grateful to a lot of teachers....my partner, Kalyani P. Mašková ,

Míla and Eduard Tomášovi, František Drtikol...only after meeting them.
The clear and luminous could start to descend... to a creation, which is not limited to a small myself.
Every Pizzetka smells of this...purity and richness of Spirit.

It is a new form of creation, of a conscious fashion, which carries purity of creation and blessing.
Pizzetkas also get names..such as The Queen´s pearl, I see myself, Prudent,
I am love...to each Pizzetka comes the name which captures a complete model.
That supports feminity both inside and outside. The name works with you nad your hips on many levels.

This work needs to be perceived in a different way than only as a fashion supplement.
Pizzetka becomes your own personal item, your close friend.
I reccomend to wear it every times it calls you, to any possible occasion.
At home, for a walk, at seminair, whenever you need to shine out feminity,
on a meeting...simply not follow a situation, but follow your inner voice...


Practical dimension

Solution for you leggings and narrow pants – more freedom for your legs.


Spiritual dimension

Creation blessed by non-action is a product, which shines out purity.

Every material object, which is filled by a life-giving energy instead of selfish intentions, shines out purity and Beauty.

That unconsciously speaks to us and resonates with us.

This instrument turns our attention to our hips and woman organs.

By touching them physically, dressing our hips and pelvis area, it shakes out rigidity and not-flowing.

It gives women back their intimacy and protection.


Healing dimension

Through Pizzetka you can bring celebration, dignity and awareness to transformation

of your body and hormonal system and fully accept your role as a woman.


To wearing Pizzetkas I wish us an adventurous discovering and joy.

Michaela Meera

The whole story pizzetek found at: www.pizzetky.cz/pizzetkas-en/history/

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Wild beauty, Dancing, Pregnancy, For daughters, Solar, Shamanic.

Pizzetgins, PizzetTops, Pin-UPs.


Tailored Pizzetka – creating Pizzetka just for you, according to your feelings and needs.

Private Pizzetkarias – with Pizzetkas i will come to your home, to your company or also abroad.

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