How did Pizzetkas origin and where did they come from?

Creation comes through a man. The difference is how it comes. It is very liberating and joyful let visions descend to a body, to become an acting awareness. That brings creation, which elevates. A Spirit speaks through matter. To someone it comes in words, in writing, in sound, to someone in material things. And so it is with these skirts, which came to remind women, where their womanhood dwells. To make these words lively within every womans body:“ I was born in a womans body and in it i feel delightfully. „

  And how this „little-big“ thing was born? I was working on something else, when i was brought to a cutting table, without any intentions in me. My hands started to cut fabric on their own...started to combine knitted material with lace and thats how first cuts were born...12.12.2012.

I did not know what i am going to do with it or what is it for. I just took the first step and let it go.

And then it really began...:-)

Three weeks after the Pizzetkas name came to me, then the first show up, followed by some moves to production and by a place, where Pizzetkas want to be and from which they want to be spread...

Three months later came a vision to guide teenage girls through their first menstruation with Pizzetkas, which got the name Cycle of The Rainbow Ray and The Rainbow rose cycle for grown up women. To these rituals I invited Lenka Marie Horňáková.

A video was filmed, an e-shop was created, Pizzetkas started to travel on women´s invitation, to so called Pizzetkarias.

A Tailored Pizzetka service was created, Pregnancy Pizzetkas, Pizzetgins, and to answer women´s call, now also PizzetTops.

A net of shops is forming, where people understand Pizzetkas. And program to share e-shops is being prepared.

 Many steps of personal transformation and many years of working on myself, when my personality was being smoothened and my mind being calmed, had to precede, so this „miracoulously-ordinary“ thing could come down to Earth.

It is no walk in a park. It is necessary to train courage, persistance, patience, pure heart and devotion to a highest aim. For all that i am gratefull to many teachers...to my partner, Kalyani P. Mašková, Míla and Eduard Tomášovi, František Drtikol...

T Only after then The pure and luminous could start to descend...to creation, which is not of the small me. It is difficult for me to explain this state, when a personal will is united with God´s will. That multiplies the energy and does not allow it to decline.

I am sure you know that, when you come to a place, where people dwell in prayers...the whole place is fully alive, a and so it is with all material things here on Earth. We can feel it and we gladly spend time around.

And that is the future of all production here on Earth, to elevate material through Spirit...through a conscious person.

Everyone of us has all knowledge inside and to everyone it opens in his own time. It is for sure, that awakening will not miss anyone.



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